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A report on the politics between Viktor Orban, George Soros, and Central European University.


Will these protests result in Orbán not being the Prime Minister anymore? Will this somehow turn the corner to not just being about CEU, but being anti-government? If you look at the Western media, they're already saying this is the case. The signal is that somehow at the end of all this, Orban will be weakened and maybe step down. But so far, I don't feel like the protesting has turned the corner yet. It's still about CEU, and a smaller aspect of the bigger problem.

Live from a BBQ in Novi Sad, Todd Williams reports on protest movements in Serbia and Hungary, why George Soros features in both stories, and why the battle over the Soros-founded Central European University is still largely a fight about CEU itself, but could springboard into a larger electoral contest between Hungary's fractured left, Viktor Orbán's illiberal right, and the far-right Jobbik Party.

[Audio a bit rough at first, maybe use headphones. Worth it!]

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Todd Williams

Todd Williams is an African-American from Sacramento, California who has lived in Budapest, Hungary for the past 26 years, mostly by chance.


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