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A report on the battle for control of Hungary's right.


All around the city are these blue billboards saying "Let's send a message to Brussels that they will understand." It's a political move to show the populace that Orban is strong, because the feeling is that there's less support for him now. You either get Orban, or you get the more-right, who is now a little more to the center. They seem to be occupying the same area, and fighting over it. That's why Jobbik no longer supports him.

Our Man in Budapest, Todd Williams explains how a migrant quota referrendum set the stage for a battle between Hungary's right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban, and the even further to the right Jobbik party, and why political divisions over EU influence in the country reflect an ideological and demographic split between Socialist-era Hungarians and a younger generation that identifies itself more closely with an integrated Europe than along national lines.

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Todd Williams

Todd Williams is an African-American from Sacramento, California who has lived in Budapest, Hungary for the past 26 years, mostly by chance.


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