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Why the Democrats berned another progressive and doubled down on centrism.


I think it would not be a bad idea for the left flank of the Democratic Party to take all the hints they've been getting and join together will all the Jill Stein people, who they're going to have to talk to, unfortunately, and all the lefties and create their own party. And maybe Bernie Sanders is the only person who can get the ball rolling on that, but I don't think he's gonna do it.

Writer Jamie Peck reports on the latest chapter in national Democratic Party futility - as the party did nothing to help a Kansas progressive in a winable Senate race, and explains why people looking for a party that challenges conventional politics and establishment economics should move beyond the Democratic Party, and build one with everyone else looking for the same thing.

Jamie wrote the Guardian op-ed The Democratic party is undermining Bernie Sanders-style candidates.

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Jamie Peck

Jamie Peck is a writer and columnist for The Guardian.


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