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This desire for a false sense of normalcy that drives so much of the media and so much of DC. You hear a lot about the day after 9/11 when we all 'came together' and I think a lot of these fu - sorry - a lot of these idiots actually long for that, while ignoring all of the chaos and destruction and murder that came out of the feeling of us all being together. It's a very dangerous thing when America is all on the same page.

Writer Luke O'Neil explores the fear and violence of daily life in mid-collapse USA - on the wrong side of class lines, regular people are sold war overseas and paranoia at home by a media and political class with no real besides collecting profit and floating  high above the chaos they sow.

Luke is author of Welcome to Hell World: Dispatches from the American Dysopia from OR Books.

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Luke O'Neil

Luke O'Neil is a writer and musician.


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