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Opportunism knocks: Why Hillary's past is Hillary's future.

Dec 12 2015

She is the image of the status quo. Ever since she entered political life in the 1970s, she's been a voice for Wall Street, Fortune 500 and the American military. If she were to become president, we'll see more of that - although a lot of people who would vote for her want less of that.

Journalist Doug Henwood explains why understanding Hillary Clinton's past - from her role shaping the right-leaning New Democrat ideology of the 1990s, to her Senate and diplomatic career promoting militarism and neoliberal economics in the US and abroad - is the key to understand what she offers for the future, as she sells herself as anything but everything she stands for.

Doug is author of My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency from OR Books.

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Doug Henwood

Doug Henwood is a journalist, economic analyst and the editor and publisher of the Left Business Observer.


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