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Why the public never bought Hillary's Anti-Social-Democratic agenda.


She had the billion dollars, and the best professionals that money can buy, and they still couldn't run a good campaign because there's an ideological hollowness at her core.

Journalists Liza Featherstone and Doug Henwood examine the electoral loss of Candidate Hillary - from the limits of her corporatized feminism, to a self-serving campaign that promised little beyond Clinton herself - and explain why Trump's victory reflects a failure of the liberal political class to offer material solutions to the problems faced by most Americans.

Liza contributed to and edited False Choices: The Faux Feminism of Hillary Rodham Clinton from Verso Books. Doug wrote My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency from OR Books.

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Henwood 350

Doug Henwood

Doug Henwood is a journalist, economic analyst and the editor and publisher of the Left Business Observer.



Liza Featherstone

Liza Featherstone is a journalist, essayist and a contributing editor to The Nation.


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