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Episode 1009


Jun 24 2018

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Daniel Bessner

The globalist's blindspot: The real problem with George Soros.

Foreign policy analyst Daniel Bessner explores the blindspots in George Soros's worldview, beyond the wild conspiracy theories of the right, to the central flaws in the liberal financier's philanthropic efforts - a global vision of democracy without a public, belief in a business without politics, and the inability to see a future beyond capitalism.

Daniel wrote the article The Globalist: George Soros after the open society for N+1.



Asad Haider

Beyond identity politics, and towards radical, collective action.

Writer Asad Haider explains how today's reductive form of identity politics acts as an obstacle to understanding and confronting oppression - by neutralizing the work of social movements and disempowering individuals - and calls for a radical political project that recognizes and fights racial, gender and class based injustice as one.

Asad is author of Mistaken Identity: Race and Class in the Age of Trump from Verso.



Thomas Frank

American oblivion: Sinking and drowning in the Obama and Trump years.

Writer Thomas Frank explores the collapsing political landscape of late-stage America - from the surging populism that put the right back in power, to the easily-erased half measures of a Democratic president and party that could have stopped it - and explains why the Trump chapter in American history is going to be at least 4 years longer than anyone expected.

Tom is author of Rendezvous with Oblivion: Reports from a Sinking Society from Metropolitan Books.



Philip Mattera

Understanding the big business of corporate wage theft.

Corporate finance researcher Philip Mattera examines the large-scale wage theft by American corporations - as a pervasive practice built in to the policies of the country's largest employers, an opportunistic scheme targeting precarious workers, and a multi-billion dollar crimewave being pulled off by the already rich every day, hour by hour.

Philip is author of the report Grand Theft Paycheck: The Large Corporations Shortchanging Their Workers' Wages from Good Jobs First.



Jeff Dorchen

This is not a comparison between the Holocaust and Slavery: Part Three.

In a third Moment of Truth that is definitely not all about comparing the Holocaust and Slavery, Jeff Dorchen looks at the victimhood of all of America's victims, and thinks there might be more in common between the oppressed than we think, and there might be more of them than we think, and they might be stronger than we think. If you're thinking what I'm thinking...

Listen to Parts One and Two if you need to catch up.

Read the transcript here