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Bern after reading: Why the beltway press wrote off the possibility of Bernie Sanders.


Look at who writes op-eds and columns in the nation's newspapers, who successful journalists are - they come from the same social cohort. They go to the same schools, they have the same degrees, they live in the same neighborhoods. There's a very simple class solidarity between high end journalists and people like Hillary Clinton.

Writer Thomas Frank examines the DC media's coverage of the Sanders campaign, and finds an antagonism driven by the same elitist politics and beltway solipsism that power both the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party leadership, and a shared ideological blindspot towards the possibilities of politics and the worth of stale (often disastrous) Beltway consensus.

Tom wrote the Harper's cover story Swat Team: The media’s extermination of Bernie Sanders, and real reform.

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Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank is an author and founder of The Baffler.


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