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Episode 974

Nigh Tide

Oct 15 2017

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Ashley Dawson

This world isn't ready for the next: When the crises of climate and capital converge.

Author Ashley Dawson examines the future of life under the twin crises of climate change and capitalism, and sees our current problems - survival migration, militarized borders, economic stratification all amplifying in a hotter, destabilized world - unless the left can rebuild itself, and society, around solidarity and a secure life for all life on the planet.

Ashley is author of Extreme Cities: The Peril and Promise of Urban Life in the Age of Climate Change from Verso.



Marc Flury

A report on missile politics, propaganda and superholidays from South Korea.

Live from Seoul, correspondent Marc Flury reports on the internal and intra-Korean politics happening below the violent rhetoric of President Trump and Kim Jong-un, and explains what he learned about a path to peace from reading DPRK propaganda, and why Trump's attempts to show strength really signal US weakness to the rest of the world.

Last year Marc dropped the hottest video game of 2016, the rhythm violence nightmare THUMPER.



Jacob Hamburger

Charlie Hebdo reports back from the strange, foreign world of the American Left.

Charlie Hebdo journalist Jacob Hamburger examines Trump's long shadow over American politics - and finds a country splintered by the incoherence and violence of its politics, and a tiny, splintered left struggling to recognize its failures and working to rise above its own differences and build a real political movement.

Jacob conducted the interviews for Charlie Hebdo's 4-part, English language series Feeling the Burn: The Left Under Trump.



Zoe Quinn

Online at the witch trials: Zoe Quinn on Gamergate and overriding harassment.

Game developer Zoë Quinn discusses her experiences at the center of the viral harassment campaign Gamergate, and explains why our offline values - around data commodification, extremism and media exposure - need to catch up to the realities of a culture lived, and increasingly contested, in online spaces 

Zoë is author of Crash Override: How Gamergate (Nearly) Destroyed My Life, and How We Can Win the Fight Against Online Hate from PublicAffairs. Zoe is on a book tour right now.




Julianne Tveten

Control Shift: Silicon Valley devours cities and politics.

Journalist Julianne Tveten tours the company towns of Silicon Valley's vampire overlord landlords, and explains how the tech industry's monopolistic agenda is expanding their control, not just over workers and tenants, but over cities and municipal governments across the country. Oh and also "fake news" is being used to silence dissent.

Julianne wrote the recent articles Zucktown, USA for The Baffler and How the "Fake News" Scare is Marginalizing the Left for In These Times.



Bécquer Seguín

Understanding Catalonia's flawed, contradictory independence movement.

Writer Becquer Seguin examines the complicated politics of Catalonia's independence referendum - from the nationalist right's presence on both sides of the conflict, to the left's middle-ground push for a larger, legally binding, constitutional referendum that could change the dynamics between Spain and its 17 autonomous communities.

Becquer wrote the articles Have Spain and Catalonia Reached a Point of No Return? and The Spanish Government Just Energized Catalonia’s Independence Movement for The Nation.



Dave Buchen

A live report on the man-made disasters flooding sunny, apocalyptic Puerto Rico.

Our Man in San Juan, Dave Buchen reports on life in post-Maria, mid-FEMA, mid-debt, mid-colonial Puerto Rico, where disaster relief is just another creditor, the mayor is drunk and too worried about Donald Trump, and the best thing you can do is help Puerto Ricans directly - and even if that isn't enough.

Dave last reported back two weeks ago that he was fine, and screwed. He still recommends giving money to Radio Vieques if you can.



Jeff Dorchen

Money is a diabolical weapon pointed at your head.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen breaks down the most powerful, dangerous weapon of all - the dollar, and envisions a world to come, in which we pay back the rich for their contributions to society, with interest, and other, cheaper weapons, because there won't be money anymore. Or the rich after a while.