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Charlie Hebdo reports back from the strange, foreign world of the American Left.


The biggest problem is not people are factionalized, because that happens in any movement, but that it takes a long time for people to work out their differences, overcome them, and maybe establish new differences to work out later - that's a decades long process. The right began doing it in the 50s and 60s, before taking power with Reagan. For the left, if there's any ambition to do the same kind of thing, with Trump in power you don't have any wiggle room.

Charlie Hebdo journalist Jacob Hamburger examines Trump's long shadow over American politics - and finds a country splintered by the incoherence and violence of its politics, and a tiny, splintered left struggling to recognize its failures and working to rise above its own differences and build a real political movement.

Jacob conducted the interviews for Charlie Hebdo's 4-part, English language series Feeling the Burn: The Left Under Trump.

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Jacob Hamburger

Jacob Hamburger is a writer based in Paris. He is the editor of Tocqueville 21, a bilingual blog that focuses on contemporary democracy.


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