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Episode 908

Labour Rattling

Jul 9 2016

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Richard Seymour

Jeremy Corbyn's radical fight for, and against, the Labour party.

Writer Richard Seymour examines the rise of Jeremy Corbyn - within the splintered politics of the UK and without the consent of the elite political, corporate and media interests that dominate the Labour Party - and explains how Corbyn's radical politics have brought new life to party politics, and set the stage for a battle with the Blairite faction over the present and future of Labour.

Richard is author of Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics from Verso Books and the recent teleSUR article Anatomy of a Failed Coup in the UK Labour Party.



Sarah Kendzior

The media has an economy-shaped blindspot when covering young people.

Writer Sarah Kendzior explains what the media gets wrong about Millennials when they ignore the massive restructuring of the economy after the 2008 financial crash - mistaking precarity for flakiness and loss of options for lack of direction - and how a new generational wealth divide is manifesting itself not just in mass media, but across politics, opportunity and American society at large.

Sarah wrote the article The myth of millennial entitlement was created to hide their parents’ mistakes for Quartz.



Marcy Wheeler

What the Clinton email investigation reveals about power and secrecy in politics.

National security journalist Marcy Wheeler examines the fallout from the Hillary Clinton email server investigation - from FBI Director James Comey's "highly inappropriate" press conference last week, to the similarities and differences between Clinton's case and those of David Petraeus and Jeffrey Sterling - and explains how the government's response to the case reveals an arbitrary policy towards classified material, allowing the powerful to wield leaks and prosecutions for their own ends.

Marcy's most recent writing on the Clinton email hearings is Jim Comey, Poker Face, and the Scope of the Clinton Investigation(s) at her blog emptywheel.



Mark Danner

How America lost control in the endless spiral of global war.

Author Mark Danner explains how America's post 9-11 military actions spiraled out of control, creating and then provoking new partners in conflict around the globe while degrading human rights and increasing militarization domestically, setting in motion a state of permanent exception, where secrecy and elite power present a greater existential threat to American democracy than any terrorists could dream of achieving.

Mark is author of Spiral: Trapped in the Forever War from Simon & Schuster.



Christina Heatherton, Jordan T. Camp

The neoliberal arm wields police violence in cities across America.

Jordan T. Camp and Christina Heatherton explore the hidden economic dimension behind police brutality and mass incarceration in the United States - the neoliberal forces expanding criminalization and state violence in service of privatization and gentrification - and explain why a solution to the carceral state is not more training or more funding or more cameras for police, but less contact with the police in the lives of Americans, and a reinvestment in education, healthcare and housing.

Jordan and Christina edited the collection Policing the Planet: Why the Policing Crisis Led to Black Lives Matter from Verso Books.

Interview transcript via Antidote Zine

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Jeff Dorchen

Make every disturbance count: A practical guide to idealism.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen, Herbert Marcuse [not pictured] and Mariame Kaba [not pictured] reflect on the relationship between the people and the state, the goals of Black Lives Matter, the irreplaceability of the killed, the lack of bus fare, complicity in a capitalist system, knowledge of complicity in a capitalist system, and the need for more thoughts in one's head than one's own.