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What the Clinton email investigation reveals about power and secrecy in politics.


Comey laid out a bunch of accusations against Hillary and her aides, for example he said that they were 'extremely reckless.' Which raised as many questions as it answered, because the standard in the law is gross negligence, and Republicans, I think fairly, said "What's the difference between 'extremely reckless' care for emails and gross negligence?

National security journalist Marcy Wheeler examines the fallout from the Hillary Clinton email server investigation - from FBI Director James Comey's "highly inappropriate" press conference last week, to the similarities and differences between Clinton's case and those of David Petraeus and Jeffrey Sterling - and explains how the government's response to the case reveals an arbitrary policy towards classified material, allowing the powerful to wield leaks and prosecutions for their own ends.

Marcy's most recent writing on the Clinton email hearings is Jim Comey, Poker Face, and the Scope of the Clinton Investigation(s) at her blog emptywheel.

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Marcy Wheeler

Marcy Wheeler is the Right to Know journalist for ExposeFacts and blogs about surveillance, government and everything else at emptywheel.


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