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Most Popular Interviews of 2016



1: It's too late to halt climate change. Near-term human extinction is inevitable. / Guy McPherson


2: Hillary on the internet: Feminism, civility and the minefield of online dissent. / Amber A'Lee Frost


3: On violence, neoliberalism and the hallucinatory anti-politics of the Trump era. / Henry Giroux


4: The individual is a fiction: Why the left must return to party politics. / Jodi Dean


5: Don't believe the Russia hype: Who profits from the new Red Scare? / Andrew Cockburn


6: Why the public never bought Hillary's Anti-Social-Democratic agenda. / Liza Featherstone and Doug Henwood


7: On climate change, automation, and the possibilities of life beyond capitalism. / Peter Frase


8: On domination, extinction, and capitalism's long history of slaughter. / Ashley Dawson


9: Bern after reading: Why the beltway press wrote off the possibility of Bernie Sanders. / Thomas Frank


10: Fuck work: The case against full employment, and for guaranteed income. / James Livingston



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