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It's too late to halt climate change. Near-term human extinction is inevitable.


There are people moving to escape the absence of habitat, there are powerful storms, there are fires that are unbelievable, there are food and water shortages, there are five million people that die every year as a result of climate change - and people ask me all the time 'when does it start?' If you're in the family of those five million people, that day is here.

Conservation biologist Guy McPherson explains how political inertia and denialism caused humanity to sail past climate change's tipping point, what scientific evidence he believes proves that the destruction of habitats suitable for human life has already begun, and why the looming demise of our species should force us all to confront the days we have left on earth with an appreciation for nature, time and life itself.

Guy is author of the giant, ongoing, terrifying Monster Climate Change Essay on his website Nature Bats Last.

Interview Transcript via Antidote Zine

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Guy McPherson

Guy McPherson is a conservation bioligst and Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources and Ecology and the University of Arizona.


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