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It's a situation that kind of the same as it's always been - not a good situation, but it's been manufactured to be even worse. About 80% of South Koreans said, in most polls, they trusted Obama to do the right thing in terms of international relations and North Korea. I've been very critical of the Obama administration and how they dealt with North Korea, but right now something like 10% trust Trump. It's a wild swing from 80% to 10%.

Live from Seoul, correspondent Marc Flury reports on the internal and intra-Korean politics happening below the violent rhetoric of President Trump and Kim Jong-un, and explains what he learned about a path to peace from reading DPRK propaganda, and why Trump's attempts to show strength really signal US weakness to the rest of the world.

Last year Marc dropped the hottest video game of 2016, the rhythm violence nightmare THUMPER.


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