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This is the orthodoxy of the US foreign policy establishment, of US imperialism. These kind of regime change operations are completely legitimate because the enemies have been demonized over the course of years and years, presented as authoritarian, as dictatorships. The media is crucial in this. The media is the ideological heavy artillery, battering down, day after day, these progressive governments. The reality is the left in the Global North has not done enough to stand up to this.

Live from Caracas, journalist Lucas Koerner explores a continental uprising against neoliberalism across Latin America, and the violent pushback from the fascist right, its elite masters in the Global North, and a cynical media class softening the US public opinion for the violence to come.

Lucas wrote the articles Media Conceal Chile’s State Criminality, Delegitimize Bolivian Democracy and Whitewashing Neoliberal Repression in Chile and Ecuador for FAIR.


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