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Episode 1482

Global Warming in India / Kamala Thiagarajan

Jun 22 2022

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Kamala Thiagarajan

India is not Ready for Global Warming / Kamala Thiagarajan

Chuck welcomes independent journalist, and Wire magazine contributor Kamala Thiagarajan to talk about her aritlce "India is not Ready for a Deadly Combination of Heat and Humidity."

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Jeff Dorchen

SuperTruth® for the UltraBeliever: The Barbed Wire of Eden

In Jeff's inaugural episode of the sub-segment, SuperTruth® for the UltraBeliever, we learn of an archaelogical find that supports the apochryphal book, The Shawarmas of Enochle, which scholars believe describes the security system employed to defend the Garden of Eden from trespass by lesser hominins.

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