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We have to look at the millions of dollars spent on propaganda in the United States. The standard, common sense position generally has nothing to do with reality. And that's a good starting point, whatever you hear as the general, common-sense, moderate position on the news is certainly untrue, and likely 180 degrees removed from reality. That was for example the case with weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And it goes up and down society. America is just a society that loves fraud in all kinds of ways. Or like the company Theranos, where George Schulz was on the board of Theranos, and the whole company was just fraudulent... So anyway, we love fraud. We are very good at it. And that's what explains the centrist positions being what they are. I think America has the most powerful business and corporate culture in the world. The most extensive that has ever been developed. And if you want to understand communication in America don't look at the news, look at the commercials. And the commercials have nothing to do with reality. And so all the techniques that were developed to sell products have been adapted to sell all of this. And they work, both for the products and for the politics.

Chuck talks to writer and journalist Jon Schwarz about his Intercept article "Right-Wing Supreme Court Continues Its 'Great Fraud' About the Second Amendment."


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Jun 28
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Human Rights Radicalism

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Jun 27
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Cry, Wolf

Posted by Alexander Jerri

Welcome to the Moment of Truth: the thirst that is the drink.

There are more white people living in poverty in the USA than any other ethnic group. Not exactly, though. About 67-70% of people living in poverty are white, but that includes white people of Latino, Latina, LatinX identification. Somewhere between 34 to 40 million people live below the poverty line in the USA, and even just non-Latin white people still make up a whopping 40% of those living in poverty.

Steven Pinker, the famous popular writer of questionable brain-candy books, tends to rejigger all the figures he uses – inflating, or at best leaning toward the largest estimates of populations living in violence and poverty in past times, while both theoretically minimizing and leaning toward the minimal numbers of current rates of violence and poverty in order to prove his point that human history represents a trend of progress in material existence for all people.

So forgive me for being a little squishy while using the figures I’ve given above, but as I do so, I’ll be transparent about the process. White folk of northern extraction make up 40% of the impoverished in the US. 40%. That’s almost 50%. That’s roughly their percentage of the entire US population as a whole, give or take. There are about 40 million people in the USA living below the poverty line, and the poverty line is widely acknowledged to be a laughable gauge of what constitutes poverty, constructed as it is by people who aren’t poor. So there’s probably more poor people than official definitions indicate.

I’m going to suggest, with a Pinkeresque fungibility of reported statistics, that about 70 million people in the USA, about 20% of the population, are poor, including the functionally poor, which means people who have to pay half or more of their income for shelter, who opt out of necessary visits to health professionals for lack of funds, who have trouble affording healthy food, who have no choice but to work more than one fulltime job, or work one fulltime job that sucks, who have to work gig jobs but think they’re not poor because they sell their homemade jewelry on Etsy on the side, who go without medication, have severely limited if any time to themselves, or are burdened by snowballing debt due to predatory lending or predatory credit or a punitive civic system of fines.

Easily one in five people in the wealthiest... read more

Jul 22 2021
Jul 19 2021