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Going around and saying “from the river to the sea” is about wiping out the Jews is quite consistent with the rhetoric they have been saying for many years to discredit and undermine the pro Palestinian, or simply anti-war movement. There have been surveys of students who have taken part in these protests and have used that phrase, and the overall majority are talking about what its original meaning was back in the 1960s from those secular nationalist groups. That is a free Palestine with equal rights for everybody: Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs, regardless of religion or ethnicity…that is if you actually take the time to listen to them.

Past guest Stephen Zunes returns to speak with us about his recent Truthout writing including, "Biden Continues to Provide Israel Billions for War Crimes," "Biden’s Response to Israel’s ICC Prosecution Is an Attack on International Law," and "Don’t Buy the Right-Wing Disinformation Campaign on “From the River to the Sea.” Stephen is a professor of Politics at the University of San Francisco, who is currently the Torgny Segerstedt Visiting Research professor at the Gothenburg University in Sweden. "Rotten History" follows the interview.

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