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When we have anger and rage and radicalism, and a pushing back against politeness and respectability, we are also doing that from a fundamental, deep-seated place of love or hope - for what our country could be, or what humanness could be. It's not coming from a place of apathy, it's quite the opposite. We've created a false binary where hatred or anger or taking to the streets or radical protest is seen as the opposite of feeling fundamental love for fellow humans. And that's just not true.

Writer Breanne Fahs explores the power of the feminist manifesto - as a radical acts of anger, revolutionary documents of social change, and histories of futures to be imagined and read and fought for, together.

Breanne Fahs is editor of Burn It Down! Feminist Manifestos for the Revolution from Verso.


Oct 21 2019
Oct 14 2019
Oct 11 2019
Posted by Alexander Jerri

Here's what we read this week.


For Saturday's show:


Waste Only: How the Plastics Industry is Fighting to Keep Polluting the World - Sharon Lerner / The Intercept

Situational Breakdowns: Understanding Protest Violence and other Surprising Outcomes - Anne Nassauer / University of California Press

Law Without Future: Anti-Constitutional Politics and the American Right - Jack Jackson / University of Pennsylvania Press.


Extra Reading:


Can you hear me? - Greta Thunberg / Communists in Situ

Immigrants as a Weapon: Global Nationalism and American Power - Yasha Levine / Substack

The Reactionary Heartland Is a Myth - Matthew E. Stanley and Paul M. Renfro / Dissent

Basic income bows to the master - Ana Cecilia Dinerstein / openDemocracy

The voice from the black hole - Sam Kriss /

More Than A Wall Corporate Profiteering and the Militarization of US borders - Todd Miller / Transnational Institute

Everything Must Go - Whitney Curry Wimbish / The Baffler





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Sep 21 2019