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Republican rule forever: How to win a country without the people.


It's going to be very hard to undo this deeply undemocratic power, and we are not talking about it. Until we call this by its name, until we find the language to connect how the Republicans have structurally rewired this country to the kinds of policy outcomes that we are seeing, and that most Americans do not want, we are going to be powerless to actually stop it.

Journalist David Daley explores the GOP plan to bypass democracy and rule from the minority, forever - from a successful 2010 redistricting scheme that ensured state and federal dominance for a decade of power, to a massive voter suppression project setting the stage for decades to come - and explains why the media, the courts, and the Democratic Party won't stop the flood.

David's book Ratfucked: Why Your Vote Doesn't Count, is now available in paperback with a new afterward, from Norton.

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David Daley

David Daley a journalist, author and senior fellow at FairVote.


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