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How Republicans ratfucked the electoral map and won a decade of power.

Sep 10 2016

It withstands 1.2 million more votes for Democrats in 2012, it will probably withstand even more votes for Democrats in 2016. If you piece redistricting together with voter ID laws, with limitations on early voting and all the legislation Republicans are trying to push through in state capitols, you can see a strategy emerge: 'This is how we govern from the minority when we cannot win an actual majority of the vote'

Journalist David Daley explains how a 2010 GOP redistricting scheme captured legislative control of the United States, and ensured continued Republican success despite shrinking demographics and vote totals, setting the stage for a new era of politics determined less by political choice and more by consumer data, algorithms, and increased electoral fuckery.

David is author of the book Ratfucked: The True Story Behind the Secret Plan to Steal America's Democracy from W.W. Norton.

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David Daley

David Daley a journalist, author and senior fellow at FairVote.


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