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Cry, Wolf

Cry  wolf

For most of human history we have revered wolves. We have hung out with wolves for longer than we have practices agriculture. But during the enclosure period in Europe, when lands were being closed and privatized, we developed a new mythology. That's when we cast wolves as practitioners of witchcraft, demons in the night, coming to hunt our private property, to take the cows, eat our children, what have you. And that mythology persists to this day, and it is very powerful. And so we can see how some of that affects our government policies. Especially in terms of the recovery of the Mexican grey wolf here.

Science writer Spencer Roberts talks about his research into the dwindling Mexcan grew wolf population along the United States' southern border, and how corruption paired with greed endangers the species' survival.

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Spencer Roberts

Science writer, ecologist, musician, and engineer, based in Colorado.


Published in Wired, Jacobin Magazine, the Intercept, and Current Affairs.


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