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The Uber Files / Dean Starkman

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Money talks. This shows the advantage that capital has in gaining access to the political elite. Access is really important. Once you have an audience with these leaders, you're more than halfway home. Being representative of an extremely well-funded American multinational corporation clearly got world leaders' attention. And there is certainly some ideological sympathy to the idea of disrupting labor markets, and there are some politicians who went into this with the thought of unions in their countries. Macron in particular had made it a priority to in his view "unstick" the labor market in France among several industries. That explains their influence in shaping policy. And some people they hired were former political advisers of the Obama administration. Influential people in center-center left circles. They were well known. And Uber hired them.

Chuck interviews Dean Starkman of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists on their investigation into the ridesharing giant Uber and its corrupt machinations.

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Dean Starkman

Dean Starkman is a senior editor for ICIJ. He is a is a fellow-in-residence at the Center for Media, Data and Society and a visiting lecturer at the School of Public Policy, the Central European University, Budapest.


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