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Episode 960


Jul 8 2017

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David Daley

Republican rule forever: How to win a country without the people.

Journalist David Daley explores the GOP plan to bypass democracy and rule from the minority, forever - from a successful 2010 redistricting scheme that ensured state and federal dominance for a decade of power, to a massive voter suppression project setting the stage for decades to come - and explains why the media, the courts, and the Democratic Party won't stop the flood.

David's book Ratfucked: Why Your Vote Doesn't Count, is now available in paperback with a new afterward, from Norton.



Hilary Goodfriend

Following USAID money to neoliberal ends in El Salvador.

Writer Hilary Goodfriend looks beyond the technocratic language around USAID's work in El Salvador to the consequences of conditional US money in the country - promoting corporate power and bypassing the leftist FMLN government, and mirroring decades of US policy in the region backing capital at the expense of peace and democratic sovereignty.

Hilary's article for Solidarity, USAID in El Salvador: The Politics of Prevention, also appears at Jacobin under the title USAID's Trojan Horse.



Michelle Chen

Go ahead and politicize political tragedies, at Grenfell and across capitalism.

Journalist Michelle Chen explains why calls to not politicize the Grenfell Tower fire ignore the power dynamics around the situation, and across capitalism at large, and makes the case that the neoliberal agenda of deregulation and corporate power over public space is building a new, urban apartheid in our cities and our minds.

Michelle wrote the article The Economic System That Made the Grenfell Tragedy Possible for The Nation.



Wendy Pearlman

Revolutionaries into refugees: A history of resistance in Syria.

Middle East Scholar Wendy Pearlman discusses her work interviewing Syrian war refugees, and examines the many facets of the conflict - as an Arab Spring uprising against Assad's political repression and economic privatization, a civil war pulling in international forces and splinter groups, and finally as a sprawling humanitarian crisis the world is watching unfold.

Wendy is author of the new book We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled: Voices from Syria from Harper Collins.

Interview transcript via Antidote Zine



Julian Brave NoiseCat

This fight never ended and it never will: On the politics of native sovereignty.

Writer Julian Brave NoiseCat explores the politics of native sovereignty in the pipeline era, and connects the state's intrusion and repression at Standing Rock to a longer, global history of exploitation of native lands and trampling of indigenous self-rule, a history that is still present, and the site of battles to come.

Julian wrote the commentary Law Enforcement is Still Used as a Colonial Tool In Indian Country for the Marshall Project and the Guardian opinion piece Indigenous sovereignty is on the rise. Can it shape the course of history?



Jeff Dorchen

Circumsplaining the Chicago Dyke March madness in a gentile tone.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen looks beyond his own beautiul penis for long enough to circumsplain to all involved what they're missing about that Chicago Dyke March / Zionist / anti-Zionist / flag-waving / chanting / counter-chanting / self-care / dustup last week.

Read the transcript here