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Beyond sanctuary: On Muslim-Latino solidarity and national immigration reform.


Sanctuary cities are built to fail, despite their beautiful name, because there are so many federal programs put into place since 9/11 that are on autopilot and ensure that any arrest reports fingerprints and biometric data to the Department of Homeland Security and to ICE - no matter what. This facilitates the jail-to-deportation pipeline.

Immigration researcher Karina Moreno calls for Muslim/Latino solidarity in the Trump era - in the face of security state expansion into the lives of immigrants, and as an alternative to the mainstream left's localized, piecemeal failures to protect immigrants - and explains why only national immigration reform can defeat the threat of the ban, the wall and the raid.

Karina wrote the artilce A Politics of Solidarity for Jacobin.

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Karina Moreno

Karina Moreno is an assistant professor in LIU Brooklyn’s School of Business, Public Administration, and Information Sciences.


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