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Trump's border wall has already been built by the American political consensus.


We should all band together in our outrage against Donald Trump, no question. At the same time, it's critical to point out that the systems and infrastructure that made the Trump nightmare even possible are because of the Clintons and their neoliberal doctrine - and this is why we have to reform the party, and why we can not afford more of the same.

Immigration researcher Karina Moreno finds a neoliberal consensus behind the border wall, ensuring that the physical border remains a symbolic site of immigration politics, and obscures the network of failed policies and private detention lobbying that enable capital to exploit the labor of vulnerable workers, and the fear of their presence within the country.

Karina wrote the recent Jacobin articles Political Theater at the Border and The Private Deportation Machine.

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Karina Moreno

Karina Moreno is an assistant professor in LIU Brooklyn’s School of Business, Public Administration, and Information Sciences.


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