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Police power is an expanding force: On cops as a threat, and abolition as a promise.


Abolition and reconstruction go hand in hand. There always needs to be something being built as the old institutions are being torn down. After the Civil War, that was blocked by White supremacist violence, by the Klan, and instead you saw a replacement of old institutions with a new expansion of racialization of crime, with mass incarceration - giving us the society we have today. Instead of real abolition and real reconstruction, we got the police and prisons - which is why abolitionists continue to fight today.

Writer Geo Maher on the rational resistance of mass anti-police protests, abolition's long work from Reconstruction to the George Floyd uprisings, and his book A World Without Police: How Strong Communities Make Cops Obsolete from Verso.

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Geo Maher

Geo Maher is an organizer, writer, and radical political theorist.


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