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We will see violence: What Turkey lost in Erdoğan's referendum victory.


We are witnessing a major crisis of capitalism, that deflects itself more and more into political crisis. The establishment is more and more unable to govern as they were. There are more protests, uprisings, alternative parties on the left and right rising in Europe - and capital is looking for ways to govern the state of affairs. And obviously, the right-wing authoritarianism or fascism has been an option chosen by capital.

Live from Ankara, Max Zirngast reports on Turkey's uncertain political landscape after a referendum passed granting dictatorial powers to Recep Erdoğan, and explains why the president's offer of stability for support can't mask the origins of Turkey's political emergency - a deeper crisis of capitalism and democracy.

[Audio a bit muffled at times, wear headphones - it's a great conversation]

Max is co-author of the recent articles Voting on Dictatorship and Ten Thoughts on the Turkish Referendum for Jacobin.

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Max Zirngast

Max Zirngast is an independent journalist and translator.


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