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Many things are unclear: Erdoğan, Erdoğan’s opposition, capital and crisis in Turkey.


The opposition isn't so much different, in many regards. Even though I say this, the partial success of the opposition is important because it deepens the crisis of the ruling class, and it shows the deep discontent within the population, and this opens up the space for much more progressive initiatives.

From Ankara, journalist Max Zirngast reports on a new, narrow opening against the fascist slide in Turkey - as president Erdoğan's AKP party suffered key losses to neoliberal reformists in March's tight municipal elections, a fracturing of the elite consensus provides space for a genuine democratic alternative based on mass struggle.

Max is co-author of the article Daylight in Turkey? for Jacobin.

Listen to Max's pre-election report on Turkey's political and social crises here.

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Max Zirngast

Max Zirngast is an independent journalist and translator.


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