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The way the state and economy structured society - that is the actual problem. Even if Erdoğan is forced out of office in some way or another, the bourgeois democratic opposition would not do anything substantially different. Maybe it would be a little bit more democratic, - they have to do that in order to incorporate those alienated by the state and current government. But there would not be a structural break or a genuine democratic Turkey in place, even if this government were to leave or be voted out of office.

Live from Ankara, journalist Max Zirngast reports on Erdoğan’s autocratic grip tightening over Turkey - from his own experience in prison and on trial on coercive terror charges, to the nation's long-term, linked economic and political crises with no way out but a fundamental restructuring of power within Turkish society.

Max is co-author of the article Discontent Is Brewing In Erdoğan’s Turkey from Jacobin.

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Max Zirngast

Max Zirngast is an independent journalist and translator.


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