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Voters and courts on both sides of the border are pushing against the US-Mexico drug war.


Any kind of decriminalization - whether it starts in Mexico or continues in the United States - is a blow to organized crime. But I also know that the United States government is applying a tremendous amount of pressure on Mexico to make sure that there isn't a larger decriminalization movement, because of their investment in the drug war.

CIP Americas director Laura Carlsen explains why a recent Mexican Supreme Court decision to legalize marijuana (for four citizens) isn't the begining of the end of a century-long drug war, but it might be the begining of the begining - to a conversation about personal freedom, the health and social implications of legalized marijana, and a way out of US-imposed military conflict. 

Laura was just on CCTV talking about legalization trends in Mexico and the United States.

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Laura Carlsen

Laura Carlsen is the director of the Americas program at the Center for International Policy.


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