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The real change hasn't arrived yet: Mexican politics in AMLO's first year.


He says that he's going to change, radically and drastically, corruption in Mexican politics, because he himself is personally honorable, that he himself has never entered the corruption - and I think that's true. However he seems to have some kind of magic belief that this personal engagement of his is somehow going to transmit automatically to all the political systems. But that is not enough - we need some deeper, structural changes in that area.

Historian Humberto Beck examines the state of Mexican politics a year into the presidency of Andrés Manuel López Obrador - while AMLO enjoys high approval among citizens, he struggles to turn his own personal popularity into substantive political action that addresses Mexico's deep structural problems of inequality and political corruption.

Humberto wrote the article Year One of AMLO’s Mexico for Dissent.

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Humberto Beck

Humberto Beck is a professor at the Center for International Studies at the Colegio de México in Mexico City.


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