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We can't argue about climate change if we can't talk about climate change.


People say to me ‘if wind energy can’t compete in the free market, then it shouldn’t be around.’ What free market? That has to be a bigger part of the discussion. There is not a free market for energy because of all the subsidies and the regulated nature of the market.

Dan Litchfield talks about his frustrations selling Ohio on wind energy, or even talking calmly about wind energy with people against it. He isn’t giving up, but explains that he’s going to spend more time doing something a bit more satisfying – starting up a tiny brewery of his own.

Dan also responds to this interview we did with psychologist Per Espen Stoknes on climate change psychology.

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Dan Litchfield

Dan Litchfield is a senior project developer for a major international renewable energy company, and the views represented on the show are Dan’s alone obviously.


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