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On capitalist power, energy markets and climate crisis at the end of neoliberalism.


In order to retain some type of economic viability to the wholesale market, we see states explicitly extracting revenue from people in the service of capital accumulation, which to me truly reveals the reality of the system - it was never about increasing the efficiency of energy, it was looking at an outdated, monopolistic structure of a market and trying to figure out new paths to increasing profits.

Sociologists Patrick Trent Greiner and Julius McGee explore the conflict between the accumulative logic of neoliberalism and the unstable reality of global climate change in the wholesale energy markets of Chile, California and beyond.

Patrick and Julius wrote the article How Long Can Neoliberalism Withstand Climate Crisis? for Monthly Review.

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Julius Alexander McGee

Julius Alexander McGee is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Portland State University.



Patrick Trent Greiner

Patrick Trent Greiner is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Vanderbilt University.


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