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Episode 1165

Taiwan, mid-pandemic

Apr 23 2020

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Jeff Dorchen

The Good Doctor, Third Dose.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen continues his four-part tale of famous TV addiction specialist Dr. Dave Piktis - not to be confused for legal reasons with Dr. Drew Pinsky - and finds our Good Doctor finally settling into the comedic potential of other peoples' problems.

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Brian Hioe

Taiwan's two biggest COVID-19 worries are the US and China.

Live from Taipei, New Bloom editor Brian Hioe reports on COVID-19 politics in Taiwan - as the nation's center-left government balances pandemic control with expanded surveillance, its biggest threats to stability come from the instability of military powers China and the United States.

Brian wrote the article Chinese Military Increases Activity Around Taiwan During COVID-19 Pandemic and for New Bloom.