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Power, protest and the state of pro-democracy politics in Hong Kong.


Now the Hong Kong government will prevent people from running for office, it will disqualify people before they run, it will disqualify lawmakers once they've been elected, saying they're not suited for office, or that they violate the terms of the mini-constitution, the Hong Kong Basic Law. The claim this time was regarding these lawmakers using filibusters to block motions set forth by the pro-Beijing majority. This resignation is a way of forcing the issue that there's always a moving goalpost, and increasingly for the pro-democracy movement, using electoral means has become blocked.

Live from Taipei, journalist Brian Hioe reports on the state of pro-democracy politics in Hong Kong after a revolt among moderate Pan-Democratic lawmakers following new restrictions fom Beijing, and explains what a Biden administration changes (and doesn't) between the US, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Brian wrote the article Pan-Democrat Legislators resign en mass from Hong Kong Legislative Council for New Bloom.

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Brian Hioe

Brian Hioe is a writer and editor for New Bloom Magazine.


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