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Personal data, public trusts and the EU's new privacy landscape.


That expect that by introducing the new legislation, and the new actor - which is data stewards, professional data managers - they will help individuals to navigate this new privacy landscape. So through public agencies you will be able to understand what happens with your data, you'll be able to restrict certain types of data from being processed, and you will be able to donate data. The idea of teaching people to share data is also key to understanding the pivotal new data governance strategy.

Anna Artyushina on the EU's new data governance strategy, the dynamics of personal data, private tech corporations and the state, and and her article The EU is launching a market for personal data. Here’s what that means for privacy for MIT Technology Review.

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Anna Artyushina

Anna Artyushina is a public policy scholar specializing in data governance and smart cities and a PhD Candidate in Science and Technology Studies at York University, Canada.


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