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Episode 1023


Sep 29 2018

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Daniel Trilling

On human movement in an age of shrinking states and expanding borders.

Journalist Daniel Trilling explains why Europe's refugee crisis is really a global border crisis - exposing the failures of the state to aid the stateless in a warming, violent world, shifting political power from the failing liberal center to the surging far right, and devaluing freedom and human lives to prop up a crumbling order.

Daniel is author of Lights in the Distance: Exile and Refuge at the Borders of Europe from Verso.



David Dayen

ICE is a business: Understanding capital's role in the detention machine.

Writer David Dayen examines the big businesses powering the US immigrant detention and deportation machine - as capital both finances and profits from ICE operations, an activist movement is targeting the corporations funding, engineering and facilitating family separation and explusion policies.

David wrote the report Below the Surface of ICE: The Corporations Profiting From Immigrant Detention for In These Times



Michael Hobbes

Waiting for the next bully: Fat shaming in the medical industry, and everywhere else.

Reporter Michael Hobbes explains what the public health industry gets wrong about obesity - from the large gap between scientific understanding and medical practice around weight gain and loss, to the psychologically harmful, unhealthy effects of fat shaming - in culture at large,

Michael Hobbes wrote the article Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong for Huffington Post's Highline.



Adam Kotsko

We are all trapped in the moral logic of neoliberalism.

Writer Adam Kotsko explains how neoliberalism swallowed the world - selling a compromised version of freedom for the price of a life in isolation and precarity, robbing politics of the promise of collective action or universal ideals, and imposing its own cruel moral logic deep in the brains of its subjects.

Adam is author of Neoliberalism's Demons: On the Political Theology of Late Capital from Stanford University Press.



Brittany Friedman

Constructing a threat: On prison repression of Black politics.

Sociologist Brittany Friedman surveys the carceral state punishment of Black militant and Nation of Islam prisoners - as a mechanism of segregation with its origins in the 1950s, and system of political suppression and retaliation in service of maintaining White supremacy and its institutions of dominance and exclusion.

Brittany is co-author of the article Solitary Confinement and the Nation of Islam for The Immanent Frame.



Jeff Dorchen

Testerical paroxysm: A trip down the Kavanaugh Hole.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen disappears down the Kavanaugh Hole - a rotten vortex of flailing anger, cynical aggrievement, skillet grease, gambling debt, possum face, violence, humiliation, lies and misogyny. But the good news is... uh... hold on let me listen to this again. Hrm. OK there's no good news. We live in the hole now.

Read the transcript here