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End of the road: On the low-wage labor of senior nomads at the end of retirement.


If you look at people who travel from place to place to do these jobs, traveling in RVs - they're really an employer's dream. They're plug-and-play labor. They show up with their houses, they plug in, when you don't need them anymore they go away. You don't really owe them anything in terms of benefits or security. On the worker end, it's the erosion of all the rights the labor movement fought for over so many decades.

Journalist Jess Bruder explores the migratory low-wage labor of senior nomads - as the middle class collapses under the weight of economic precarity, older Americans find themselves traveling in RVs from warehouse to warehouse, living off short-term manual labor and facing a road the rest of the country is already on.

Jess is author of Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century from W.W. Norton.

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Jessica Bruder

Jessica Bruder is an author and journalist.


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