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A conversation with Edward Snowden's (unknowing) data smugglers.


You don't need to be a cyber-ninja to move stuff around. Things as simple as trust between a few people can be as powerful as digital encryption. I do think, even though it sounds paradoxical, that a government can be tremendously powerful, and abusing that power - and could still miss things. I don't even really think that's a contradiction at all.

Journalists Jessica Bruder and Dale Maharidge discuss their (at the time unknowing) role in smuggling leaked NSA data from Edward Snowden to Citizenfour filmmaker Laura Poitras, and the work of uncovering and reporting on state secrets in an age of mass surveillance and all the paranoia that comes with it.

Jessica and Dale wrote the Harper's cover story Snowden’s Box: The human network behind the biggest leak of all.

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Dale Maharidge

Dale Maharidge is a journalist and professor of journalist at Columbia University.



Jessica Bruder

Jessica Bruder is an author and journalist.


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