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Understanding what the opposition opposes in Venezuela.


Neoliberalism, despite the reverses in Latin America over the past six years, since the coup in Honduras, despite the 'end' of the Pink Tide - neoliberalism has lost its hegemony. It has no mandate. And there's no way the right can win an election in Latin America, without utterly lying through its teeth.

Caracas-based political analyst Lucas Koerner examines the motives and methods of Venezuela's right-wing opposition during the current economic and political crisis - as a persistent, insurrectionary threat to the stalled Bolivarian revolution, and a violent example of the lengths neoliberal, Western-backed reactionaries will pursue to seize power in Latin America.

Lucas co-wrote the recent articles 7 Dead as Venezuela Violence Escalates and Is Venezuela’s Attorney General Biased Towards the Opposition? for Venezuelanaysis.

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Lucas Koerner

Lucas Koerner is a journalist and political analyst for Venezuelanalysis.


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