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A bright future for carbon and cops under Trump's energy policy.


If you look at the Bayou Bridge Pipeline factsheet on the Energy Transfer Partners website, it lists endorsements - and one of them is the National Sheriff's Association. And a representative from the NSA testified in February at a Louisiana Department of Natural Resources hearing, in support of the pipeline. So you're looking at law enforcement, which is supposed to be neutral at least in these situations when there are protests - now they're on the record as supporters of the pipeline. How are they going to react when people protest it?

Journalist Steve Horn reports on on carbon's political footprint in the Trump era - from the extractive industry's bi-partisan support under Obama and Trump, to the rapidly expanding infrastructure in the US and abroad that ensures carbon will continue flooding the market, with the help of politicians, police and the industry they both serve and protect.

Steve wrote the recent articles Fracked Gas LNG Exports Were Centerpiece In Promotion of Panama Canal Expansion, Documents Reveal and Tillerson Present as Exxon Signed Major Deal with Saudi Arabia During Trump Visit for DeSmog Blog.

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Steve Horn

Steve Horn is an investigative journalist and research fellow at DeSmogBlog.


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