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Episode 959

Troll Phase

Jul 2 2017

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Angela Nagle

The chaos of meaning is intentional: America's culture war logs on.

Writer Angela Nagle explores the rising tide of online reactionary movements - as a response to the fracturing of mass media and the collapse of political center, and as a force merging the personal and political on both the right and left, making weapons of both irony and sincerity, and turning us against each other IRL.

Angela is author of Kill All Normies: Online culture wars from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the alt-right from Zero Books.



S.K. Hussan

Inclusion is not transformation: On the limits of liberal opposition to Islamophobia.

Writer and organizer S.K. Hussan explains why liberal attempts to combat Islamophobia only serve to reinforce the ideology and structure of state power targeting Muslims in the first place, and makes the case for building a collective social change, not just recasting oppressive power with diverse participants pointing the weapons.

Hussan is co-author of the article The Problem with Liberal Opposition to Islamophobia for ROAR Magazine.



Steve Horn

A bright future for carbon and cops under Trump's energy policy.

Journalist Steve Horn reports on on carbon's political footprint in the Trump era - from the extractive industry's bi-partisan support under Obama and Trump, to the rapidly expanding infrastructure in the US and abroad that ensures carbon will continue flooding the market, with the help of politicians, police and the industry they both serve and protect.

Steve wrote the recent articles Fracked Gas LNG Exports Were Centerpiece In Promotion of Panama Canal Expansion, Documents Reveal and Tillerson Present as Exxon Signed Major Deal with Saudi Arabia During Trump Visit for DeSmog Blog.



Laura A Jacobs, Laura Erickson-Schroth

On the origin and persistence of misinformation around transgender people.

Psychiatrist Laura Erickson-Schroth and psychotherapist Laura A. Jacobs discuss the origin and persistence of misinformation around transgender people - from the reactionary bathroom laws enacted as trans people gain visibility in our culture, to the real barriers they still face around equal access to education, employment, safety and healthcare.

Laura and Laura wrote the book “You're in the Wrong Bathroom!” And 20 Other Myths and Misconceptions About Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People for Beacon Press.

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Will Parrish

Corporate mercenaries and state police pointed the same gun at Standing Rock.

Investigative journalist Will Parrish explores the convergence of TigerSwan corporate mercenaries and police forces to surveil and police the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, and explains how the partnership manufactured terrorist threats to justify its counter-insurgency tactics in defense of profit - a technique we're certain to see targeting dissent across America.

Will co-wrote the giant, 5-part series on DAPL surveillance and policing, TigerSwan Tactics for The Intercept.



Jeff Dorchen

Jewsplaining the Chicago Dyke March madness in a radically inclusive way.

In a Moment of Truth that no one is gonna have a problem with, Jeff Dorchen examines last week's Chicago Dyke March controversy involving flags, stars, rainbows, Israel, Palestine, simplistic diagrams of oppression, buzzwords, punk-asses, Henry Fords, Zionists, anti-Semites - the usual crowd that shows up to defeat itself as predatory capitalism marches onward.

Read the transcript here