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The Obama administration opens national forests and coastal waters for drilling.


He's conceded on the Gulf of Mexico and this big push on Endangered Species Act by the right wing and oil and gas industry. He's not given them everything they want, that's the typical Obama thing. He meets you halfway, or maybe more than halfway, while trying to appease progressives. It's not up to snuff with the rhetoric of when he won the presidency and said we need to end the age of oil.

Investigative journalist Steve Horn explains how he ended up mentioned in the Wikileaks release of John Podesta's emails, then digs into the Obama administration's environmental record - from expanded drilling in the Gulf Coast "sacrifice zone" and public lands across the country, to a weakening on the Endangered Species Act - sets Trump's climate change denialism firmly within Republican orthodoxy.

Steve wrote the article Obama Admin Quietly Enables Oil and Gas Drilling on Public Lands and Waters, Weakens Endangered Species Act for DeSmog Blog.

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Steve Horn

Steve Horn is an investigative journalist and research fellow at DeSmogBlog.


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