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Romania's anti-corruption protests reveal deep contradictions within the state.


To what extent is the anti-corruption campaign able to deliver on its promise while keeping within the democratic framework? That's the real story here, because you want to fight corruption, but also keep democracy in place. The unexpected outcome of the anti-corruption struggle was that the democratic framework is now blurred, and you have an autonomous judicial system that lacks scrutiny.

Live from Bucharest, anthropologist Florin Poenaru examines the complicated nature of Romania's recent mass protests - a movement centered around anti-corruption, but one that exposes weaknesses the balance of power inside the country's executive branch, and more generally the vulnerability of democratic institutions within Romania.

Florin wrote the recent article What is at Stake in the Romanian Protests? for LeftEast.

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Florin Poenaru

Florin Poenaru is a writer, anthropologist and co-editor of Critic Atac.


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