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Power for the last time: Trump devours American politics.


The difference between the Republicans and the Democrats in this election was that the Democratic Party management, its traditional establishment, managed to keep control - and the Republican management did not. And that is, I suspect, the biggest reason why the Republican party candidate won.

Writer Richard Seymour surveys the wrecked landscape of American politics after Trump's victory - from the collapsed neoliberal center, to the abandonment of politics from the top and bottom of American society - and calls for the left to embrace militant disruption - as resistance in the face of Trumpism, and uniting factor in forging a new political class.

Richard and his fellow editors at Salvage wrote the essay Saturn devours his young: President Trump.

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Richard Seymour

Richard Seymour is an author, broadcaster and contributing editor of the quarterly Salvage.

leninology.co.uk / patreon.com/richardseymourwtf


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