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All the options are bad: Brexit and the contradictory landscape of British politics.


It was overwhelmingly a campaign run by clueless businessmen, by Downing Street, by people who had long lost touch with Labour voters - right wing politicians from the Labour Party, center-hugging politicians from the Conservative Party, and D-list celebrities. They ran a very poor campaign that didn't give people concrete reasons to remain in the EU. The only people who were excited and agitated over this issue were of course the right wing and the racists.

Writer Richard Seymour surveys the reoriented landscape of British politics and capital, before and after the Brexit vote - from a rift within the right over control of the Conservative Party, to Labour's lack of good options after a generation-long absence from class-based politics, with only reactionaries benefiting from a combustible, nationalist unity project that can't hold.

Richard is author of the essay Brexit and the "white working class" posted at his Patreon page.

Richard's publication Salvage just launched a Patreon campaign.

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Richard Seymour

Richard Seymour is an author, broadcaster and contributing editor of the quarterly Salvage. /


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