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Episode 927

Trump Roi

Nov 19 2016

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Richard Seymour

Power for the last time: Trump devours American politics.

Writer Richard Seymour surveys the wrecked landscape of American politics after Trump's victory - from the collapsed neoliberal center, to the abandonment of politics from the top and bottom of American society - and calls for the left to embrace militant disruption - as resistance in the face of Trumpism, and uniting factor in forging a new political class.

Richard and his fellow editors at Salvage wrote the essay Saturn devours his young: President Trump.



Michelle Chen

On power, representation and the politics of disenfranchisement.

Journalist Michelle Chen explores the reality for millions of Americans who never had a vote in the presidential election - from those stripped of the right by the legal system, to immigrants who labor beyond the limits of representation - and examines the intersection of political power and democracy around (and beyond) the voting booth.

Michelle wrote the article For Millions, the Election was Always Lost for Dissent.



M Zaher Sahloul

Scenes from an Aleppo ER (since destroyed)

Chicago doctor M Zaher Sahloul talks about his experiences providing critical care at Aleppo's M10 hospital, under the strain of low supplies and the dangers of Syrian and Russian airstrikes, and explains why the rest of the world has a moral obligation to aid the Syrian people, and push their own governments to an end of the slaughter.

Dr. Sahloul wrote about his experiences in the op-ed I'm a doctor in Chicago. Here's what I saw when I went to help in Aleppo for the Guardian.



Trevor Timm

On the possibilities of President Trump's inherited surveillance state and war machine.

Journalist Trevor Timm explains why the most catastrophic mistake of the Obama administration was to strengthen and expand the worst crimes of the Bush regime, and then hand them over to Donald Trump - from CIA torture and NSA mass surveillance, to a weaponized drone program hovering across the globe and outside democratic control.

Trevor's most recent Guardian op-eds are Obama has handed a surveillance state and war machine to a maniac and If Donald Trump gets his way, his administration will be disastrous.



Micah White

The big takeover: Why the left must capture power, not just protest it.

Occupy Wall Street co-founder Micah White explains why political power will not be captured in street protests, but in the synthesis of social movements with political parties, and how the left must ditch palliative progressivism and re-engage with the mechanisms of power on the local level if it hopes to become a revolutionary force.

Micah wrote the essay Two Paths Forward at his website, and the op-ed Protests won't stop Trump. We need a movement that transforms into a party for the Guardian.



Jeff Dorchen

Shot putsch: The election considered as a failed hangover cure.

In a Moment of Truth, medical doctor (for purposes of this segment) Jeff Dorchen considers the ways the brain is really just a butt, a presidential term is really just a drunken bender, and an election is really just a coffee or a greasy breakfast or the comb-over of the werewolf that bit you.

Read the transcript here