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Defiance and dissent propel movements online, and on the streets of Zimbabwe.


People who were born after independence are called 'Born Frees' and the connotation is that we don't have a true understanding of what the struggle for liberation means. And while that is true in a very literal sense, I think the fact that young people are agitating for a better future, and articulating what that future should look like, is something new and has great potential.

Writer Jacquelin Kataneksza profiles #ThisFlag, #5to6 and the larger state of protest movements emerging from the political and economic instability in Zimbabwe, coalescing online and in the street for collective public action and against corruption and mismanagement of the Mugabe government, and explains why the next challenge facing protesters is building a diverse and sustainable movement around an alternative vision and agenda for a Zimbabwe beyond Mugabe.

Jacquelin wrote the article Fed up and not afraid! for Africa is a Country.

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Jacquelin Kataneksza

Jacquelin Kataneksza is a Zimbabwean international affairs practitioner and PhD candidate at The New School.


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